Deep Transformational RockStar

About me

I always wanted to be a good girl.


I wanted to be loved and admired. I wanted to feel I'm good enough. It was my mission. I got into automatic pilot, put up a brave face, always looking happy and positive. Did my best in every situation.


I was an A-student and the perfect daughter. At 23, I was part of a think tank for all the promising young employees. A computer programmer, I could also talk astrology, do graphic design, teach stuff, speed type, solve the Rubik cube, be a rally co-driver, ski, ice-skate, play tennis... and the list goes on. And boy, everyone loved my cooking (they still do).


Anything that made me look good I tried. And sometimes, it felt good too! But most of the time, it was exhausting.


As years went by, I changed different jobs, failed in relationships... and tried more and more to get a sense of satisfaction out of my life, to no avail. I was feeling more and more lonely and less and less joy. My self-esteem was going downhill.


At the age of 49, I hit rock bottom. My body started giving me signs I was not going in the right direction. I suffered from all kinds of skin diseases. I became overweight and depressed! Nothing gave me satisfaction, except food, red wine and TV, or so I thought! I felt alone and disconnected from myself and everybody else. That's when I had a panic attack. It was my wake-up call.


Newsflash: I had been unhappy for almost all my life. Always trapped at my "must do's", trying to be perfect and please everybody. For what? To feel liked and worthy. Well, it didn't work!!!


Being a good girl is no joyride. It sucks the life out of you!


I missed laughing! I craved to be carefree for once! I longed to fall asleep curled under the arms of a loving guy. I wanted a bank account that made me smile! And, I wanted to fit in my favourite jeans.


Everything screamed at me: "Change!!!" 

I took a leap of faith, and I did it. I started looking out for myself, taking care of my needs and wants. I stopped taking everything so seriously.


I adopted a more creative and playful way of looking at things. I pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone. Tried out different approaches without scaring myself to death. I created new goals, taking one step at a time.

And guess what I discovered?

You're not meant to wait for "something", to be happy. The joy is in the ride. All you have to do is jump in wholeheartedly. 


My ride has bumps along the way, but that's okay because nothing is a straight line. Everything is part of the game. A learning curve. And it's becoming more and more fun every day.


Now, I'm the Rockstar of my life. Front centre, spreading love and joy around, curious and open in whatever comes next. Bring it on!


I want YOU to rock your life.

I love to share and teach my unconventional way to live a "perfect" life. I've got the tools, the question is: "Are YOU interested?" Click the button below for a free discovery session.

I'm Myrto Mangrioti

A Deep Transformational RockStar and

The Playful Living Mastery Facilitator